2016 TEDxTownsville Talks

Watch our official 2016 TEDxTownsville Talks. Visit the Speakers page for more information about the speakers. 

No one wants to support child, forced or sweatshop labour. Yet, how many of us actually know how and where our clothing is made? Let's use our buying power and our voices to change the direction the fashion and clothing industry is taking the world, and help end exploitation.
We live in a rapidly changing technological world. Technology dependence and jobs are increasing but the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) workforce isn't. What if YOU - parents and families - hold the key to the STEM workforce diversity and growth issues? You Can Code! Everyone can code!
Connar explores the stereotypes of farming and how this is having an impact on the sustainability of farming industries and communities. Dr McShane argues that by breaking down these stereotypes and establishing more clear career paths, a more competitive and more socially and environmentally sustainable industry can develop.
Life offers continual opportunities to 'perform'. How we understand and embrace these moments set the foundation for whether we reach our potential. Drawing from experiences within sport, a strategy is shared to help you to maximize your next performance. Learn to think like an elite athlete.
Reef Revolution is an idea to assist the declining health of coral reefs and dependent communities. The KARE model for reef change involves Knowledge, Action, Reef and Education/Empowerment. Dr Adam Smith is passionate about sustainability of our blue planet and particularly the oceans.
Worldwide natural disaster impacts are increasing at an alarming rate. The shift to renewable energy invites us to rethink the way we supply electricity. If we re-design the electricity grid and other critical infrastructures with disaster preparedness in mind, we can save lives, help communities withstand natural disasters, and even help save the planet.
Marine viruses are the dark matter of the world's oceans. We know more about deep space than we do of the viruses we share Planet Earth with. Together, let's unlock the secrets of this microscopic world that undoubtedly holds great potential for discovery.
Few would say that procrastination can enhance productivity yet Andrea asks what if that belief is undermining our ability to solve problems, to be more innovative and improve outcomes? Andrea describes how we need to indulge in productive procrastination to get better results. Andrea has enjoyed a diverse business and senior management career.
The newness and unknown of cultures other than what we are already familiar with can be daunting. Moving from a mental place of culture shock to 'culture comfort' involves a process of three steps we each can follow in our own time and in our own ways; 1) Flâneurie (or wandering while wondering), 2) Embrace the space around us and 3) Reflection on our actions and activities.