2016 Event

TEDxTownsville 2016 was held on Saturday 17th September, 2016. 


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About our official event

The Venue

Dancenorth, corner of Stanley Street & Walker Street, Townsville City. 


Breaking Barriers

Our 2016 theme is 'Breaking Barriers.’ TEDxTownsville 2016 is about overcoming all obstacles and shining a light on what is holding our community back. This year we will look forward to ideas about rising from the ashes, tackling difficulties, turning problems into catalysts and breaking the barriers to creating, innovating and changing for the better.


Speakers will be announced closer to the event. Visit our Speakers 2016 page for more information.


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First of all, we're always open to the community's ideas. Please email us at info@tedxtownsville if you have anything to contribute.


TEDxTownsville is more than just an annual event. It is a local and global community the involves individuals from all walks of life, interests, knowledge, experiences who share a vision to share ideas, challenge their preconceived thoughts and make a positive impact in the world. TEDx can make people to people conversations. If you want to know other people, you should listen to their ideas. We are empowering a deep understanding of other people and their cultures.

Being a TEDx speaker is not a small commitment, and it’s one the team takes very seriously. We have a responsibility to TEDx and ideas that can change the world. Formulating a great TEDx talk takes diligence, practise, plenty of rehearsals and hard work.

"Speakers come from all walks of life, disciplines, and industries within or beyond, but what they all have in common is an idea and the passion to share it. Everyone has a life story to tell, but we’re not just seeking storytellers, we’re seeking the truly unique, radical ideas behind them. The “who” and “what” doesn’t matter as much as the “why.” As a speaker, your objective is to share your idea in an engaging way and to answer the question, “Why?” Why do you care? Why should the attendees? Why does your idea deserve to be on stage? If you’re up to the challenge and passionate about your idea, we’d love to hear from you," - Arthur Zards, TEDxNaperville Founder and Curator.


A powerful TEDx talk has an idea at its center. This statement is in some ways obvious, but can be very subtle in the way it plays out. In fact, the most common reason that a seemingly strong talk fails is that it simply lacks a central idea.

A powerful TEDx Talk is not just a personal story.

This is the biggest challenge found in TEDx talks. Many of them are what you might call "stories of self," which offer compelling anecdotes from a person's life but no central idea that wraps the narrative together. These are heart-breaking, because they're often wonderful, fascinating, popular talks that offer great insights into local culture. But without the wrap-around of an idea, they're just stories, or biographical sketches. They aren't idea-centered talks.