Jacky Laird

Being the youngest of eight children, Jacky Laird never imagined she would be thrust into a doting carer role for her older, fiercely independent sibling whilst both in their 20s.  However, in October 2012, her sister, Katrina, suffered a severe stroke – the second one in just three months – and despite Katrina’s initial objection to Jacky et al coming to London to collect her after the first stroke, it was determined that once Katrina was released from hospital she would be completely dependent, requiring 24 hour care for an indefinite period of time. Although Jacky was in constant communication with Katrina through the magic and convenience of technology, what she discovered firsthand upon arriving at St George’s Hospital along with her partner and mother, was that Katrina, despite many confronting factors, including her inability to do the simplest tasks, still had her keen sense of humour.  Throughout the months and years of Katrina’s stroke recovery, Jacky has ensured to encourage and focus on the jokes, puns and wit that, as well as, maintaining a positive, tenacious outlook on the stroke rehabilitation, being the supportive sister and spreading stroke smarts amongst their 20-something generation.