Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy supplies electricity to over 733,000 homes and businesses across regional Queensland – around 97% of the state.

 We face unique challenges, proudly servicing communities spread to the far reaches, and responding to cyclones one day and flooding the next.

 These challenges have a silver lining. They make us innovate, and think forward. They spur us on to find smarter ways of doing things, like using technology to better service our customers.

We are all about delivering ‘peace of mind’ through a safe, dependable electricity service, and enabling greater ‘choice and control’ in how our network can be used… all for the ‘best possible price’.

Why they're partnering with TEDxTownsville:
"We’re very keen to be partnering with TEDx Townsville. It’s such a great local event, designed to inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insight. Across our business we’re thinking forward, and developing new, smarter ways of doing things for our customers. So the event’s theme this year, breaking barriers, is particularly relevant to us as we work collaboratively to transform the energy industry. We’re looking forward to being part of the conversation at this year’s event.”

 Tanya Acheson, Ergon Energy GM Customer & External Stakeholder Engagement