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Do you get paid to run TEDx?

We are all volunteers who work full-time and have very busy lifestyles. We squeeze TEDx in because we absolutely love what it stands for and the benefit it has on the community. No one is paid at TEDx, including the volunteers, executive team, speakers and performers.


Where does the money go that you get from sponsorship?

TEDxTownsville is a non-profit group run entirely by volunteers. We operate on a cost recovery basis.  We need to cover the costs of the venue, lunches, video equipment, printing, audio costs, and a range of other expenses to pull the event together.


Why do we have an application process?

The TEDxTownsville audience is just as important as the speakers on the stage. An application process the organizing team curate a diverse cross section of the Townsville population who are passionate about ideas worth spreading. We look for enthusiastic applicants who are committed to attending the event, and those who are eager to share knowledge beyond the conference itself. Delegates are selected based on a process that considers only the information provided on the application form. It is important to note, the organising team is not tasked with evaluating individuals, but rather their applications. Every application is reviewed and scored independently by a panel of committee members .The TEDx community is 365 days a year.


Given your events have so much demand, why don’t you hold them at a bigger venue so more people can attend?

We would love to hold bigger events so more people can come along but this would not only push our costs up significantly, the size of our volunteer team simply can’t handle the logistics of a larger event. Perhaps you’d like to volunteer?


Why is there only one event a year?

Within the TEDx license, we are only permitted to hold one official TEDx event every 12 months. However, we hold non-official TEDxTownsville gatherings to meet with the Townsville community, like our Creative Gathering.


How do you choose the audience?

A TEDxTownsville audience is unlike any other – a mix of everyone from interns to executives, students to retirees, accountants to artists. We aim to represent everyone from all stages of their career.


How can I stay up to date with TEDxTownsville events and news?

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