TEDxTownsville Is Taking A Hiatus

TEDxTownsville Is Taking A Hiatus

Producing a conference the quality of TEDxTownsville on complete volunteer labour, is something we're extremely proud of. 

For two years, a team of dedicated volunteers created an amazing, diverse and inclusive event, requiring them to give up a significant portion of their lives outside of their day jobs in order to do so. 

In 2016, we had our best people involved yet. I'm honoured to have worked with passionate individuals like Renee, Kylie, Danielle, Adrian, Kathleen, Caroline, and Brenton. Their bright minds and ideas formed yet another unique TEDx event in Townsville. 

At the end of our second event in September 2016, a number of us wanted to reduce our commitment to focus on other areas in our life. Like family, friends, relaxing, side ventures and other passions. 

At TEDxTownsville we never wanted the event to feel like it was taking away from our everyday lives. For the executive team though, it was a second full-time job. Despite this, you won't hear complaints from us as we loved it. Truly loved it. It's energising being in the company of smart, witty, curious and open-minded people.

TEDx allowed us to connect and put aside agendas and egos to create a concept, an idea, that the local community could enjoy. And benefit from. I feel privileged to be able to work with the cohort of TEDxTownsville speakers each year. As a team, we've learnt so much from their knowledge and journeys. In turn, they've taught us much about ourselves too. 

TEDxTownsville helped us as a group be better global citizens. In a small way, we felt we were contributing to the community in a positive fashion. It was a joy to feel such passion for a concept and for ideas. 

That being said, in 2017, we're taking a break from TEDxTownsville. We've learned a lot and feel grateful for the experience. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for being part of the incredibly important community for TEDxTownsville so far. Without your positivity, advice and support, events like this one might never have happened. 

The team and I will still be around. So be sure to say hello. But most of all, I hope you stay curious and keep the TEDx spirit of learning alive. 

Yours in ideas worth spreading,

Tania Clarke

TEDxTownsville Licensee/Curator