Meet TEDxTownsville's Co-Curator

Name: Renee Turner

Role and responsibility for TEDx: Co-curator

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager

Why do you TEDx? The power of messaging can change a life, a perspective, a community. The discovery of new information brings a sense of enlightenment that causes change. TEDx adds-value to my life and how I live my life as a global citizen. Bringing TEDx to Townsville gives our community a voice. A voice that is shared throughout the world. 

What do you love about Townsville? The lifestyle and the relaxed and friendly nature of our community.

Favourite place to go in Townsville: The Strand

Favourite TED Talk and why: Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Simon's framework encourages us to think about 'why' we do things. What's our purpose, our cause,  our belief? If we identify the 'why' we can inspire action. An effective way to think about behaviour.

#1 thing you're looking forward to at the 2016 TEDxTownsville event? Bringing an array of people together to share powerful ideas.