4 Reasons to attend TEDxTownsville

4 Reasons To Attend TEDxTownsville

Not sure why you should apply? Here are four good reasons:

1. You'll meet smart people 

TEDx attendees are diverse, engaging and intelligent.

2. You'll meet brilliant speakers

While you may not see TED legends like Sir Ken Robinson or Simon Sinek, TEDx presenters are hidden gems.

3. The format is awesome

TEDx is not your typical workshop or conference, it's way better. TEDx speakers deliver rapid-fire presentations. Presentation blocks are separated by coffee breaks and engaging lunch periods, which provide ample time to meet the speakers and other smart people attending (remember, reason 1). 

4. You'll become a better person, we promise

While TEDx talks fall under one event theme, they differ in subject matter considerably, making the breadth of knowledge shared truly powerful. Every talk may not impact your life, but I can’t imagine that you won’t find one or two that will change your life in some way.