What It's Like To Attend TEDxTownsville

What It's Like To Attend TEDxTownsville

By Kathleen Varghese

Thinking about attending TEDxTownsville 2016? To know what it’s like, we chatted about last year’s event with Adrian Part, Volunteer, Danielle Faust, Attendee, and Imelda Alexopoulos, TEDxTownsville Principal Partner. Read on to find out what they had to say.


How would you describe your experience at TEDxTownsville?

ADRIAN: It was very stimulating! In keeping with the TED theme of Ideas Worth Spreading, the event provided me with a source of great learning and broadened my perspective, even on topics I wouldn’t normally think about.

IMELDA: I think what sets it apart from other such events is that you really don't know what you're going to get out of it until you experience it, which is exciting! You don't know what the talks will be about – all you do know is that there will be new ideas shared.

DANIELLE: It was a fun and positive experience! I enjoyed the whole day, from the talks to the diverse range of attendees, all with their own perspective on each of the topics. It was more interactive than other events I’ve been to, and a variety of topics were touched upon.


Who did you connect with, any interesting conversations or stories you’d like to share?

ADRIAN: I got to interact with most of the speakers and certainly a large number of audience members. Every conversation is interesting because everyone at TEDx events wants to know what you are doing and share their TEDx experiences with each other.

DANIELLE: I met a couple of attendees who shared their thoughts on other TED talks they enjoy. I met a Canadian teacher who shared a message that I liked, "Don’t speak about problems without solutions.”

IMELDA: Having a stall at the Innovation Alley meant that we had the opportunity to interact with the attendees. It was fantastic to see such a diverse range of people all coming together to experience a one of a kind event.


Did you learn something new from the day’s experience?

IMELDA: Absolutely!

DANIELLE: All the speakers had key messages to take home. Such as – be more happy, and be kind to people because you never know what they’ve been through – both of which apply to everyday life, and are things I now keep in mind when approaching a difficult meeting or conversation.

ADRIAN: This being my first TEDx event, I think the greatest lesson I learned is that we must all be open minded and learn from others’ ideas to become even better.


How did being at the event make you feel about yourself and about the city of Townsville?

DANIELLE: Surprised and encouraged! TEDx is not an event that I ever expected to see in Townsville and yet here I am having attended one. It’s encouraging for the city that this type of event was able to be successful here. I think it has opened the doors for other great events to be hosted in Townsville.

IMELDA: Being at the event made me feel grateful and proud of the city we live in! Townsville might be a regional city but we have so much to offer, and the diverse group of people (including the fantastic speakers) that came together on the day to share in the experience reflected this.

ADRIAN: It brings to mind one of my favourite quotes by Steve Jobs, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” TEDxTownsville gives us all a chance to help others through knowledge, and to showcase our little part of the world. This in itself is very spectacular.


Would you recommend the event to others?

DANIELLE: Yes, definitely. TED talks are always great, and while it’s easy to watch them at home or work it is definitely worth going to an event like this where you can interact with like-minded people whom you would not likely run into on a regular day.

IMELDA: Totally! The food, the atmosphere, the connections you make, and most of all listening to and learning from passionate people as they share their ideas makes it worth attending.

ADRIAN: Yes, I will recommend it to everyone. I meet many people who have ideas worth spreading but don’t always have the opportunity to showcase their ideas. Being a part of the TEDx experience, whether you are a speaker, volunteer or attendee will broaden your mind.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by great ideas and to connect with other curious souls like yourself!

TEDxTownsville 2016 will be held on Saturday, 17th September, 2016. Applications to attend are currently open, apply now!