Innovation Alley

Innovation Alley

Innovation Alley was a hit last year, with a number of activated stalls that engaged our participants. This year, it's bigger and better, with new ideas, new innovations and new partners. TEDxTownsville's Innovation Alley showcases Townsville's most innovative companies and individuals exhibiting ideas of tomorrow to the community today.

Here's what's in store for this year:


2 games, 42 pieces 14 plus levels and endless fun! This year at Innovation Alley PwC will challenge attendees to think differently about the world we live in! Get involved and share your thoughts through this fun, challenging and interactive experience.....

Ergon Energy

With technology quickly changing the way we access and manage electricity in our homes and businesses, we’ve looked into the future with a virtual reality tour. Come and take a look or chat to us about the network of the future and using new and innovative technologies, from battery storage and solar to electric vehicles.


Join Information Technology students and staff from James Cook University and get hands on with the amazing future of technology with virtual reality, 3D printing, mini computers, sensors and the Internet of Things.


Join Dancenorth for a rapid-fire two-minute movement session…Awaken and inspire your neural circuitry with simple cross patterning exercises focusing on optimizing the nervous system and strengthening the connection between the right and left hemispheres of your brain! Just two minutes of cross patterning (contralateral) activity will…energise the body and calm the mind, improve focus and clarity of thought, increase coordination and physical awareness, and optimize dual hemisphere thinking.

Townsville Bulletin

The Townsville Bulletin will host a vox pop style stall in the innovation alley where TedX attendees will be interviewed and have their photo taken. The question that will be asked is "what does a media company of the future look like? The best ideas will be printed as a spread in the Townsville Bulletin and one winner will receive a FREE 12 month digital subscription to the Bulletin. Remember to tag and share on social media! #TEDxTownsville #townsvillebulletin .

Poppy's on Penshurst

Numerical control (NC) technology has been around for 50+ years, but has traditionally dwelt in high cost proprietary ecosystems.   In recent years, online collaboration and niche retailing has opened NC technology and know-how to the general public.  Every attendee at TEDx Townsville has received a Bamboo Tumbler drinking jar which has been manufactured on a 3 axis NC machine built from open source hardware and software.  Visit Poppy's on Penshurst at the Innovation Ally to hear more of their story and see a NC machine in action.

Conversation Chair

The conversation is exactly what it sounds like - a chair where people can pause and have a moment to sit and have a conversation with a complete stranger using conversation providers. Get to know someone new in an intimate setting.