TEDxTownsville Ideas Day

You're invited to hang out with the TEDxTownsville Team for a TEDxTownsville "Ideas Day"

We'll watch TED talks. We'll talk about TEDxTownsville. We'll talk about ideas. We'll connect, inspire and share knowledge and bring all you curious souls together! 

EVERYONE is welcome.

If you have any burning questions about TEDxTownsville, the team will be there to answer your questions! We strongly encourage any budding speakers to come along, we'll be taking you through what we are looking for in a speaker...consider this inside information ;)

Bring a friend and meet us at the Education Central Lecture Auditorium at James Cook University from 2pm-4pm.

Bring a plate/packet/drink (no alcohol) of something to share during the TED Talk break.

Immerse yourself in TED. We'll see you there.