TEDxTownsville go to TEDxSydney

Tania Clarke, TEDxTownsville licensee and Megan MacKinnon, Creative Director from Clever Tangent attended the TEDxSydney event on April 26. TEDxSydney has been running since the TEDx initiative was born five years ago and is now the largest TEDx event in the world.

The team of 70 volunteers delivered an epic event that was inspiring, thought provoking and successfully propagated ideas about the psychology of colours, to the ethics of performance enhancement medications, to a talk about why failure makes you successful. TEDxSydney was not only intellectually stimulating, it provided a high quality example for TEDxTownsville to aspire to, staying true to the ethos of “ideas worth spreading.”  Watch the talks online atwww.tedxsydney.com