Introducing our Web Designers

We are delighted to announce the first TEDxTownsville Partnership to the world. The clever group from Clever Tangent built the TEDxTownsville website from scratch...AND from the goodness of their heart. The three 20-something-year-old entrepreneurs, Megan MacKinnon, Ian Gray and David Bailey make up the dynamic trio that started their own business which designs, develops and maintains technology-based solutions that optimise business operations and outcomes. 

Think the website is a breeze to navigate? You can thank the team at Clever Tangent for their responsive and user-friendly website that connects the local and wider community to information relevant to the first TEDxTownsville event. 

"We've incorporated interactive elements to allow users to be involved in the discussion and we hope that awareness and event participation will be improved as a result of our work," - said Megan MacKinnon, Creative Director of Clever Tangent.

"Having spent countless hours quenching (and fuelling) our curiosity with TED and TEDx videos, we wanted to support TEDxTownsville because we believe it will be a great opportunity to showcase Townsville's stength and diversity as a knowledge hub." 

TEDxTownsville Licensee, Tania Clarke is passionate about having partners that want to value-add to the local community, "The team at Clever Tangent were my first choice to develop the platform that will connect Townsville with the first TEDx event. They have joined a community of people who are believers of innovation, connected to technology and personal experiences, which ultimately aims to change the world."

Watching TED Talks are a favourite and inspiring pastime of the Clever Tangent team, "When we were approached about the possibility of doing work for a local TEDx event there was no way we could turn the opportunity down," said Ms MacKinnon. 

"Aside from the joy derived from working on a project associated with the TEDx brand, we felt it was a good chance to contribute to the local community. We hope TEDxTownsville enjoys great success in 2015 and becomes a fixture of Townsville's vibrant culture for years to come."

"The Townsville community is buzzing with bright, creative people who have ideas worth sharing. We think TEDxTownsville is a fantastic platform to display our thinkers and doers for all to see. We hope the event will connect curious people from all walks of life and inspire discussion." 

When asked what sparked their curiosity? 

"We are excited by the prospect of an innovative digital future in Australia driven by curious people. Sparks happen when we see opportunities to combine the use of technology with clever planning to affect positive social change in both the local and wider community."


From the TEDxTownsville Team, happy browsing!