The 2015 Event

TEDxTownsville took place on Saturday May 30th, 2015.

Supported and run by a network of fellow Thinkers, Changemakers, Social Pioneers and Innovators, the conference featured performances and talks by both local and Australian minds.



Want to watch TEDxTownsville live from anywhere in the world? Why not host a Satellite Event from your home, workplace or public venue?

We realise that not everyone will have the opportunity to attend the TEDxTownsville event in person. TEDx is about sharing ideas with your local community, which is why we want to share this experience with you wherever you are in the world. Hosting or attending a TEDxTownsville Viewing Party allows individuals, groups, and organisations to rally your community and start conversations about the ideas being discussed at TEDxTownsville, share your own ideas with one another, or even come together to have discussions about your own communities. Once you register your Satellite Event, we will promote it on our social media channels, website and emails.

Once you register, we will send you a document with our Viewing Party Rules. 

In 2015, TEDxTownsville was live streamed to 74 different locations around the world!


TEDxTownsville's Innovation Alley showcased Townsville's most innovative companies and individuals exhibiting ideas of tomorrow to the community today. The latest innovations are being developed right in our backyard.


The 2015 theme was Curiosity

Our ethos below:

1. All knowledge is connected.

2. In every country, there are curious souls who are excited by the power of ideas, and want to learn, grown and find a future to believe in.

3. You get unexpected insight and inspiration when you listen to people and ideas outside your field and life experiences

4. Connecting people who love and value ideas inspires creative conversations.